Tuesday, 15 December 2009

【Whats New On Xuan?Lets See】

halo halo ...im Xuan,
wat this corner for?haha  its for me to share my  life with u all!also a place for us to chit chat and kepo kepo hehe..any question or anything wanna share with me u can write under the commen of this thread and i'll reply you guys ok?:P
my english is really bad but hope u guys can understand wat i meant.. 






at the same time i made more than 10 mille crepe  ..wakaka...i breke my record!!


Tuesday, 8 December 2009

【Cakes 】蛋糕

New Design~
Doraemon And Dorayaki

Oreo Cheese Cake With Chocolate
Serve for 5-10 pax

Suitable for velentines day, wedding,love anivesary  etc.
From RM20
Kayan Layer cake

Oreoyam Sponge Cake

From RM20
Chocolate Brownie